Backup Generator Installation

Give Your Home Another Power Supply

Give Your Home Another Power Supply

Get a generator installation in Prince Fredrick, St. Charles, Waldorf & La Plata, MD

Losing power can be a major inconvenience to your day. Everything from cooking to entertaining your kids becomes more difficult when your appliances and electronics won't work. Your home will always have a supply of power when you get a backup generator installation. The pros from C E Harris Electric have over 30 years of experience providing reliable services for homeowners in Hughesville, MD & surrounding areas.

Maybe you already have a generator but it seems to be malfunctioning. You may notice that it won't start or that your fuel costs are unusually high. These machines are meant to last around 10,000 to 30,000 hours. After that point, you'll need a replacement.

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Are you prepared for a power outage?

You want to keep your family safe and comfortable during emergencies. After a backup generator installation, you can rest assured that your household will always have power. You won't have to fear blackouts due to:

  • Violent storms
  • Downed powerlines
  • Planned maintenance

Don't spend a day without power - speak with our generator installation expert in Prince Fredrick, St. Charles, Waldorf & La Plata, MD about your needs.