Electrical Upgrades

electrical service upgrade hughesville md

An Outdated Panel Can Ruin Your Home's Value

Take care of your electrical service upgrade in Hughesville, St. Charles, Waldorf & Prince Fredrick, MD

Older homes in Hughesville, St. Charles, Waldorf, MD and surrounding counties weren't built with modern technology in mind. Today, we have dozens of devices, appliances and fixtures to plug in. You need an electrical panel that can handle your technology-focused lifestyle. C E Harris Electric will move your home into the 21st century with an electrical service upgrade.

We also offer electrical work for service entrances. Schedule an appointment with us today.

A panel upgrade is beneficial for everyone

If you live in an older home, chances are your electrical panel is out-of-date. Luckily, we can take care of your panel upgrade ASAP. Once our master electrician looks at your panel, he will make a recommendation if you need an electrical service upgrade.

We often recommend a panel upgrade because it will...

  • Increase home value.
  • Allow people to use more devices.
  • Improve a home's efficiency.

If you're constantly tripping breakers, you're probably overloading an outdated panel. Upgrade today by calling 240-585-3062.