Panel Upgrades

Say Goodbye to Flickering Lights

Say Goodbye to Flickering Lights

Choose C E Harris Electric for your panel upgrade in Hughesville, St. Charles, Waldorf or Prince Frederick, MD

Every property needs a good electrical panel. Without one, you run the risk of losing power, damaging your appliances or even causing a fire. Let C E Harris Electric replace your old panel with a more effective one.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team handles panel upgrades for clients throughout Hughesville, St. Charles, Waldorf and Prince Frederick, MD. Our trained staff can safely remove your old panel and replace it with a new model. With a new panel in place, your property will be much safer from electrical issues.

Contact us today to schedule panel upgrade services for your home or business.

3 signs you need a new panel

Panel upgrades are often necessary services for your home or office. You may need to schedule panel upgrade services if:

  • Your lights flicker occasionally.
  • Your circuits trip from time to time.
  • You haven't upgraded your panel in many years.

Don't wait for irreversible problems. Get panel upgrade services before major issues arise. Email us today to get started.